Playful, bright and ever-so-slightly NSFW,Sandy's seaside world was brought to life entirely through the art of stop frame animation. It took 8 months of work, a lot of sand, and hours of molding anatomically correct private parts to create the film and its handmade set, complete with a bubble wrap sea and miniature rubber dinghy.
Role: Colourist
: Joseph Mann
: Bart Yates and James Bretton
: BlinkInk
: Joseph Mann
 : Joseph Mann
: Max Halstead
: Matthew Day, Toby Goodyear
: Toby Goodyear
: Clapham Road Studios
: Magda Bieszczak, Lizzy Dalton, Josh Flynn, Nathan Flynn with special thanks to Andy Gent
: Rose Popham
: Joseph Mann
: Andy Biddle, Tim Allen
: Christian Schlaeffer
: Garry Miller at IPF Rapid Prototyping
: Joseph Mann
: Anna Deschamps, Rose Popham
: Anna Deschamps, Rose Popham, Jimmy Patrick, Morgan Faverty, Anna Ginsburg, Stefan Georgiou, Lauren Brown, Ella Mclean, Georgie Hodgson, Daisy Roth With thanks to Laura Barbi, Artur Assis, Vania Motta for the catering
: Jonathan Smith
: Jonathan Smith
 by: Christopher Smith
: Simone Ghilardotti
: Simone Ghilardotti, Patrick Hearn
: Ivan Peroni, Qian Shi, Johannes Sambs, John Malcolm Moore
 by: Rachel Rardin
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