This project was based on the concept of Gaia Theroy, the idea of the planet or ecosystem being self renewing and adapting inorder to maintain perfect conditions for life to continue. 

The idea that people are slowly destroying the earth has been around for a long time. this piece however looks at the idea of a self renewing planet, and that even if we destroyed ourselves, the planet would eventually return to its ideal situation and life would start all over again.

Shot on 120 slide film, 15 Handmade Resin Blocks form this sculpture into a complete circle, with no exact beginning middle or end. 

After being developed the slide film was then burned for varying degrees of time before being encased in resin.

By using a naked flame, the film bubbles and retains not only the black smoke from the flame but also the dust, debris and fingerprints caused during its manipulation, mimicking the scars we cause our planet everyday. 

The Sculpture is designed to sit on a light box and be lit from underneath so that it can be viewed equally from all sides. 

This is initially a concept / test piece.

The intention is to shoot on 10x8 slide film instead. The blocks would then stand on individual plinths in the center of a room allowing the viewer to weave in and out of the complete circle. 

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