The Artist Gerhard Richter once said, “I don’t want to ‘take’ a photograph; I want to ‘make’ one”, and that’s what I wanted to do with this project.

Memory gives an individual a sense of personal history and identity. But as memories fade, they blend with others, becoming an amalgamation of everything we have seen and experienced, both real and imagined. Memory eventually becomes a continually changing, idealised fantasy of our past experiences. This may be why, according to psychologists, there seems to be a form of universal memory, the idea that large numbers of people have very similar, if not identical, types of memory.

I wanted to explore this idea of a universal memory image using landscape imagery, and looking at the emotions and recollections that could be evoked by a place. This project explores those imagined spaces of our remembered past, portraying fragments of forgotten moments, and examining photography’s ability both to recall the actual past but

Shot on a 5x4 Camera using Slide Film. All processes in this project were done in-camera, including depth of field and colour manipulation.
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